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Bongo Star Omar Sani

Omar Sani


Omar Sunny is a British Bangladeshi film and TV actor. He appeared in the films Chader Alo, Dola, Collie and Atto Ahongkar. After a long break from the industry, he appeared in the film Ami Tumi Se in 2013. His upcoming film is Bhalo Lagar Cheye Ektu Beshi, directed by Shohanur Rahman Shohan and co-starring Moushumi. In 1990, Sunny's film debut was in the 1990 film Chader Alo, directed by Shaikh Najrul Islam Khan. He acted in Prem Protishodh (1993) and Mohoth (1994). His first film with Moushumi was Dola (1994) and his first with Popy was Coolie (1997), directed by Montazur Rahman Akbar. Sunny married actress Moushumi on 2 August 1996. They have two children, Fardin Ehsan Shadin (son) and Faiza (daughter)

Debut Chader Alo (1990)