Is it free to watch videos on Bongo?
Yes it is! At the moment all video on Bongo are completely free to watch! After Eid we will launch Bongo+, our premium service. From that moment you will have to pay a small amount to watch our most popular and recent content. But even then, 80% of our videos will remain free for all!
Why do I have to subscribe to watch videos?

After you have watch 5 videos on Bongo, we ask you to register for an account. Registration is and remains completely free. To make it extra easy, you can simply log in with you Facebook account. Or sign up with your email ID.

We like to make watching videos on Bongo as easy as possible for you. By registering an account you get the option to save your Favorite videos or create a To Watch list.

Is it legal to watch videos on Bongo?
Yes it is! At Bongo we want to do it right. That’s why we have obtained all the Copyright and Distribution rights for all our content. We even share our profits with the artists! So you can feel relaxed about watching free videos on Bongo and know that you are supporting your favorite actors or singers.
Where do you get your videos?
At Bongo we have partnerships with some of the biggest content owners of Bangladesh. On Bongo you will find for example all videos from Channel I, Fahim Music and Laser Vision. And we are always adding new labels, channels or artists to our collection!
Can I watch videos on my mobile phone?
Yes you can! Smartphone users can download our Android app here. A version for iPhone will be released soon. On mobile phones we have a special version of our site that gives you quick access to the most popular content!
How many videos are on Bongo?
Our Bongo collection has over 15.000 videos at the moment. And it is growing every day! We regularly sign new Channels, Labels or Artist and get their content up on Bongo. And every time our partners release new stuff, you will find it on Bongo soon!