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Guerrilla is a 2011 film based on the events of the Bangladesh Liberation War, an adaptation of the novel Nishiddho Loban by prolific Bengali writer Syed Shamsul Huq. Envisioned by the director of the film Nasiruddin Yousuf Bachchu Guerrilla is a delicate, artistic rendition in moving images of the heroic deeds of the liberation war's valiant freedom fighters on an epic canvas. They were a distinguished generation, dedicated to a noble proposition that FREEDOM is Man's first and foremost right. It is not a gift. On the ominous night of March 25, 1971, a heinous military operation, the Operation Searchlight, an operation designed to kill indiscriminately the innocent democracy loving millions, was initiated by the Pakistan Army. The hated operation was just the beginning of the worst genocide to follow, a brutal crime against humanity after the Second World War. On that very night, Hasan Ahmed, a veteran journalist of the country, husband of Bilkis, simply vanished while on his way to his newspaper office to perform his journalistic duty. He is untraceable till date. Bilkis was in banking profession. She started a desperate search for her husband and at the same time got herself engaged as a collaborator to the guerrilla operations which were gradually gaining momentum. She was not affected by her personal loss and pain, rather, undaunted; she chose the hazardous path to carry on the fight for our liberation. With the guerrilla fighters like Shahadat, Alam, Maya, Kazi Kamal, Fateh Ali and others she started participating directly in many dangerous and successful operations. She thus became the central character in the movie, also a target to the enemy. The metallic train transforms into a character, a symbolic one, a moving replica designed to depict a catastrophic journey. The parents of Bilkis were killed in the communal riots of the Bengalis and the Biharis in January '71 earlier. Bilkis was captured but she did never surrender to the heinous forces. For her country, for the entire freedom loving humanity, she did set up an example, a glorious one. She does not allow her body, the body of the fledgling Bangladesh, to be molested by the vultures of Pakistan. She blew herself up with explosives, destroying the surrounding mocking dogs in the process.

Category Movie Released 2011
Genre Historic Owner Laser Vision
Tags Bangladesh Liberation , Blockbuster

Cast & Crew
Starring Shatabdi Wadud , Joya Ahsan , Ferdous Ahmed , Pijush Bandopaddhai , Minu Haque
Director Nasiruddin Yousuff Bachchu
Singer Linu Billah , Shimul Yousuf , Chandan Chowdhury