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Kamal Jalil is the only Muslim in a village filled with Hindu population. Everyone in the village makes potteries. During the liberation war the Pakistani Army was engaging a massacre towards all Bangladeshis, irrespective of religion. So majority of the villagers chose to escape to India for safety. But Shorot choose otherwise. They were continuing their killing spree and kidnapped Jalil's daughter Leela. Thus Jalil fights by his own for his daughter.

Category Movie Released 2012
Genre Dramatic Owner Channel I

Cast & Crew
Starring Jayanto Chattopaddhai , Kalyan Corraya , Shaina Amin , Mariya Farih Upoma , Bonna Mirza
Director Masud Akhond
Singer Chanchal Chowdhury , Meher Afroz Shaon , Pantho Kanai , Polash Sarker , Shayan , Shakil , Turjo , Dilshad Nahar Kona