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A flutist, Haripad from Digholdanga village plays flute happily with his heart. A report on Haripad is published in the newspapaer and in that context Cultural Foundation takes the initiative to bring him to Dhaka in order to promote him in the market. Haripad had a desire to come to Dhaka, but shortly after coming to Dhaka he finds that his desire is gone. He is not being able to play flute here as his heart wants, he is losing the melodies he knew by heart. But there is no way to go back to the village because he already signed a contract with the Cultural Foundation. They will sue him if he returns now. Haripad gets sick by staying in this discomfort but still he couldn't be free. At last Haripad runs away and goes back to Digholdanga on the day of the program and finds his melody that he once lost.

Category Movie Released 2014
Genre Dramatic Owner Channel I

Cast & Crew
Starring Jayanto Chattopaddhai , Rokeya Prachy , Ilaria , Rasheda Rawnak Khan
Director Golam Rabbani Biplab