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Convicted Bokkor received capital punishment under the signature of D.C. Sadekur. But he escaped and killed Sadekur's wife and two sons before fleeing to Thailand. In order to take revenge Sadekur kills Bokkor's brother Chokka. Thus Bokkor sends a specialist shooter Rasha to kill the D.C. However Rasha during there Rasha felt in love with Sadekur's daughter Keya. Chokka, after realising that has cut a finger of Rasha's sister and send it to him as a warning. When Rasha goes to Thailand to find her sister he found out her dead body. Keya on the other hand realized that Rasha is a crook and wants to commit suicide after hearing it. And that time arrives music video producer James and Bokkor. Where will the story lead to ultimately?

Category Movie Released 2011
Genre Action Owner Bongobd

Cast & Crew
Starring Amin Khan , Riaz , Dipjol , Keya Chowdhury
Director Montazur Rahman Akbar
Singer Andrew Kishor , Baby Nazneen , Kanak Chapa , Kumar Biswajit