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Ekattorer Jishu - Jesus '71


History of mankind is a chronology of just such unnamed heroes who have laid down their lives in the hope to regain their land and their honor from the hands of the corrupt. Hope is always indomitable, it resurrects again and again from the debris of oppression and suffering. Jesus ’71 is a saga of a handful of freedom fighters of Bangladesh’s Independence War, where the makers have drawn parallels of their unselfish sacrifices with those of Biblical heroes of antiquity. A disheartened Desmond cannot reconcile these events with the hope ingrained in him through his religious teachings. Vindication comes in the dead of night, in the form of yet another band of youthful, invincible partisans. This for Desmond is the reenactment of the divine act of the Resurrection of Jesus, Himself. Jesus ’71 personifies the essence the essence of the spirit of Resurrection. It illustrates the trust, the aspirations and the faith of mankind in the immortality of justice and all that is just.

Category Movie Released 1993
Genre Dramatic Owner Laser Vision

Cast & Crew
Starring Humayun Faridi , Pijush Bandopaddhai , Shahiduzzaman Selim , Sharmilee Florence Gomes
Director Nasiruddin Yousuff Bachchu
Singer Alok , Ruma , Mita , Dulal , Roshni