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Afsu and Shamsu, two old brothers derive from Kulu heritage. Suddenly Afsu’s son Kuddus dies in an accident. The old man cannot absorb the shock. But life goes on in its own way. Bazlu, son of Shamsu, suddenly marries his love Moina. Their life continues among joys and odds. One night Shamsu’s bull was stolen. The Ghani closes down. The whole family again faces crisis and agonies. Bazlu leaves for his uncle’s house to get some money to buy another bull. Shamsu, under compulsion, getting no other option, makes Moina pull the Ghani (hand mill) in place of bull. The harsh reality of life turns the newly married bride into yet another bull to pull the yoke of the Ghani. The Ghani goes on…

Category Movie Released 2006
Genre Dramatic Owner Laser Vision

Cast & Crew
Starring Arman Parvez Murad , Raisul Islam Asad , Dolly Jahur , Naznin Hasan Chumki
Director Kazi Morshed
Singer Arif Dewan , Manik Rahman , Rizia Parvin