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Montri Mohodoyer Agomon Shuveccha Shagotom


The minister is coming to visit Broitola village. The villages were in a festive look including the Chairman and other Govt. Institutes. The minister took a buffalo ride to reach the village. But a crazy man spread some rumors and made the villagers affrighted. Villagers stared to follow whatever he says. What did the crazy man say about the minister?

Category Single Drama Released 2014
Genre Comedy , Dramatic Owner Fahim Music
Tags Humayun Ahmed

Cast & Crew
Starring Challenger , Faruk Ahmed , Zahid Hasan , Mahfuz Ahmed , Maznun Mizan , Riaz , S.I. Tutul , Saleh Ahmed , Komol , Putul , Jarbini , Rakhi , Subha
Director Humayun Ahmed