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Shami Strir Wada


A couple, Asad-Shahana consider their friend Jaman's motherless child Sonia as their own daughter. After a road accident,dying Asad makes Shahana promise him that she would never leave Sonia. But the promise made to her husband becomes difficult to keep because of social obligations. Asad's father forcefully takes Asad's son with him. Shahana couldn't stop him even though she wanted to keep her son because of her promise to her husband. How can the promise be kept in such a cruel society?

Category Movie Released 2006
Genre Action , Dramatic , Romantic Owner CD Vision

Cast & Crew
Starring Shakib Khan , Shabnur , Sujata
Singer Momtaz , Sabina Yasmin , Andrew Kishore , Kanak Chapa , Kumar Bishwajit , Nakul Kumar Biswas
Director P A Kajol