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Mr. Malik, a total introvert, lives alone in the derelict of a mansion that his ancestors built in Old Dhaka. Multistoried apartment buildings surround his ancestral home, and real estate developer Rafique is persistently persuading him to demolish the property to build one there too. He offers him flats out of the thirty five he plans to make, apart from the cash it’s a lucrative deal for the lonely owner of a run-down property he can’t maintain anymore. Things take a sudden twist when Ruba, his only child, returns from the US to live with her father. At the very same time, Soleman, a repentant murderer serving Mr. Malik, gets into trouble with the local toughs while defending his master’s property. Ruba finds a suitor in her Australian born cousin Asif and a friend in Kislu, a middle-aged neighbor who wears seven differently colored briefs around the week. The local toughs find an easy prey in Rafique and an adversary in Rafique’s ally Kanchan, the local gang lord. The story progresses through a complex array of of people and their intentions, where Ruba seeks a man who doesn’t play a man, Kislu walks in the clouds of love for Ruba and the city and Rafique tries to keep a balance between the toughs and his profits. It takes more sudden turns with stunning revelations about Ruba, Soleman and Asif. The biggest twist comes with the final torment of Mr. Malik and Soleman, two persons faced with their greatest fears. And the film ends with the equation of sins and redemption revealed through the relation between people and architecture presented in a whole new perspective.

Category Movie Released 2007
Genre Dramatic , Historic Owner Channel I

Cast & Crew
Starring Fazlur Rahman Babu , Humayun Faridi , Tariq Anam Khan , Sathi Yasmin , Ferdous Ahmed
Director Enamul Karim Nirjhar
Singer Arnob , Fahmida Nabi , Habibur Rahman , Bari Siddiqui , Kumar Bishwajit , Anushah