Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bongo?

Bongo is a video streaming platform that offers video on demand streaming. Bongo is is currently available on web. Android and iPhone applications will be coming soon.

How can I enjoy Bongo services?

Anyone can enjoy the service by subscribing on the website

Who is eligible for the service?

Anyone who has an internet connection and access to web browser is eligible for the service.

On what devices is Bongo available?

Bongo is currently available on any device that has a connected web browser.

What type of content is available on Bongo?

Bongo is a video streaming platform that delivers ethnic content to diaspora communities around the world. Our content includes a rich collection of latest Bangla video content such as latest and classic Movies, Drama and much more! As of date, we have over 100,000 tiles spanning over 18,000 hours of content!

Is Bongo available outside of Bangladesh?

Yes! Bongo is available to users worldwide. Anyone with successful subscription can enjoy Bongo content.

Why do I see 'This content is not available in your region?'

Selected Bongo contents are not available in certain regions due to geographical restrictions from the content publishers or due to legal restriction of that country.

If you think you are seeing this error unexpectedly please send us a mail at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Do I have to login to use Bongo?

Yes! Login is required for complete the subscription process and begin watching Bongo.

What benefit do I get from logging in?

Logging in to Bongo and subscribing to a plan will enable access to the content on Bongo including add-on features like content history, content rating and favorites.

Do I have to subscribe to any plan to use Bongo?

Yes! After successfully logging in, you need to subscribe to any of the available plans to watch Bongo content.

What benefit do I get out of Subscription?

Upon successful subscription you will get unlimited access to the majority of Bongo content during the subscription period. That being said, there is some premium content that is only available through one-time purchases.

Is there any charge for Subscription?

Subscription charge will depend on your selected plan. There are multiple plans available for your convenience. Each subscription has a different charge/price tag related to it which is mentioned in the plan prominently. It possible that due to promotional reason, subscription charge will be waived in a few countries

How do I Subscribe?

If you are logged in successfully, you will be automatically redirected to the subscription page to select one of the given subscription plans.

Step 1: Select your desired subscription plan for the options.

Step 2: Select/deselect auto renewal option from the plan detail section.

Step 3: Choose your desired payment method.

Step 4: Complete the payment by providing necessary information.

You will receive a confirmation email if the subscription process is successful.

What is auto renewal?

Auto renewal is an option to automatically renew your selected plan at the end of every cycle. You can select or deselect this option during the subscription process or anytime from the Profile Page.

How do I logout?

Whether the account was Login with Facebook or through your mobile number, you can logout by clicking the “Logout/Sign-Out”t button from the settings page or from your profile page.

How do I re-login to Bongo?

You can re-login to Bongo using your mobile number or Facebook account.

How do I unsubscribe?

You can anytime unsubscribe from your Profile page. Your cancellation of subscription will be effective after the current subscription period. You can again subscribe following the standard process.

What is an Account Page?

An account page displays the account holder's name, mobile number and registration status. Registered users can also add their birthday and gender to their account details.

Why am I facing issues playing videos?

Please check your internet connection. You can also send a screenshot to clarify the issue to

Where do I post queries and complaints?

For queries and complaints, please mail to

Is Bongo available on iPhone or as an Apple TV app?

We are working on releasing it very soon!

Can I watch videos on TV with Chromecast?

Currently this feature is available for selected devices. Bongo supports Chromecast on selected devices. To check for availability, look for the Chromecast icon at the top right corner of the video.

On how many devices can I log into the same account to watch Bongo?

Bongo can be streamed on up to three devices using the same account.

How can I pay for Bongo?

Currently Bongo supports only credit card payment and limited Direct Operator Billing (for selected Operators). For Credit Cards:

  • We accept international Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards.
  • Cards must be enabled for recurring e-commerce transactions to work with Bongo.

Are there any additional fees associated with the subscription fee?

Bongo only charges the monthly subscription fee, which may or may not include local tax depending on your location. Some financial institutions may add additional transaction fees for foreign transactions. To learn more about their policy please contact the respective financial institution.

Why am I seeing a message that there’s a problem with my payment method?

In cases when the financial institution rejects a request for monthly charge this message will be shown to you. In order to fix this please contact your financial institution regarding the matter or go to pay options in Bongo to change the payment method. We will verify the new information, and notify you as soon as the payment is successful.

How do I see my Bongo billing history or monthly invoice?

All of your previous transactions can be viewed in Bongo. In order to view the payment history please visit profile page.

How do I change my billing date?

Sorry! Currently you cannot change the billing date.

Can I create a shared account on Bongo?

Creating multiple accounts is not possible in Bongo. However, Bongo allows login for upto 3 devices at a time from the same account.