Susha is an intelligent, educated and beautiful girl who belongs to middle class family. Her father is a retired professor. Industrialist Owahid Mirja is acquainted with Sudha’s father and Topon’s mother comes to Sudha’s father with the marriage proposal of Topon. After denying for sometimes finally, he agrees. But Topon is a capricious guy and drinking and staying at the club is his only work. He even leaves Sudha home alone and stays late at club on their wedding day. He never shows any respect to Sudha as his wife and even insults now and then. Sudha keeps her mouth shut thinking of parents and a good future. But the height of torture keeps increasing. What will Sudha do? Is there anyone to save her?

Kamal Ahmed
Alamgir, Razzak , Anjana Rahman, Shabana
Drama Romantic