Bidrohi Bodhu


Judge Akram Chowdhury’s pregnant wife Rokeya gets kidnapped by Shorif who is the son of murderer Chengis Khan. Shorif tells Akram Chowdhury that if Akram doesn’t discharge Chengis Khan from a murder case he will ravish Akram’s wife. Akram doesn’t get afraid of this threat and gives Chengis death sentence. Rokeya manages herself to get out of Shorif’s custody and returns home and tells Akram about her pregnancy. But Akram’s insidious aunt tells him that he is not the father of Rokeya’s child but some criminal. Akram insults her and kicks her out of the house. Where will Rokeya go now? What will be the identity of her unburned child?

Arif Jahan
Alamgir, Bapparaj , Shabana, Moushumi
Action Romantic